We help communities to embrace diversity and overcome prejudice based on race, sex, class and ability


Since 2004, PDT has provided anti-bias, diversity and inclusion training to thousands of people working in early childhood development (ECD), education and civil society organisations across South Africa.


Anti-bias work originated in the United States, and was adapted by PDT to meet the challenges of racism and other prejudice in a post-apartheid South Africa. Read more…


Carol Smith, Pat Birkett, Thikam Pillay, Phelisa Manyisane-Somciza, Blossom Ngwevela, Kim Andreoli, Mandy Hudson.


The Management Committee is responsible for strategic guidance and oversight of all governance and financial matters in line with our vision and mission.

PDT Champions

PDT is honoured to have as champions key pioneers in anti-bias work in South Africa and internationally, Thikam Pillay and Babette Brown. Read more…


PDT is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (042-277-NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 930022097). We would like to acknowledge and thank the following donors and funders. Read more…