We provide anti-bias, diversity and inclusion training to promote diversity and challenge all forms of prejudice


PDT offers ‘hands-on’ anti-bias, diversity and inclusion training to promote equality, inclusivity and psychosocial development across South Africa. We provide practical tools that build the capacity in adults – ECD practitioners, teachers, home visitors, parents/carers – to address issues of poverty, safety, violence and abuse, racism, and stigma in their own lives and with young children. Since 2004, PDT has provided anti-bias, diversity and inclusion training with our training partners to more than 9,000 people working in early childhood development (ECD), education and civil society organisations nationally.

We offer a variety of training options and resources tailored to address specific needs and issues in a range of contexts, including diversity training and how to use the innovative anti-bias Persona Doll approach.

We also offer training packages that include follow-up support through on-site visits and practical workshops adapted for specific settings. The optimum size for training groups is 25 participants. The training venue should accommodate small and large groups, preferably with access to equipment including a TV, DVD or data projector. Training costs include the fee for one trainer and one PDT training manual per participant. Training excludes the cost of additional manuals and of the Persona Dolls, which should be ordered at least three weeks before training from our Doll-Making group. Dolls cost between R380 – R650 each and can be ordered on-line.