We help communities to embrace diversity and overcome prejudice based on race, sex, class and ability

New Products

Ubuntu dolls

This attractive new range of Ubuntu Play Dolls celebrates our diverse cultures and makes play more meaningful for children – dolls that look just like them, or like their friends. The Dolls are high-quality dolls, available in diverse cultural and religious backgrounds with authentic skin colours, hairstyles and types. The girl and boy dolls are anatomically correct. They are safe, durable and washable and can be used by children at home, in ECD Centres and in schools. The dolls come dressed in a set of removable clothing. Props and clothing can be added or improvised as required.

Teen Persona Dolls

teen coverPDT has developed and piloted training and materials specifically for use with teenagers, building on the successful implementation of the Persona Doll approach at ECD and foundation phase level. The Teen Persona Dolls and their stories provide a creative, effective way to empower young people to make informed choices about their personal lifestyle, health and social well-being, to relate positively to family, community and society, and to deal with challenging situations.

PDT Diversity training

PDT offers a two-day diversity training course for corporates and civil society organisations committed to transformation and the values of inclusive, respectful practice. Given the persistent legacy of apartheid, developing an inclusive culture of human rights and social cohesion requires a process of ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’ at both a cognitive and an affective level. PDT diversity training creates a facilitated, safe space in which individuals and groups can explore, experience and appreciate the potential for embracing diversity and learn creative ways to deal with challenges that arise. PDT diversity training creates a safe space in which participants feel comfortable to share and learn from each other. Our interactive approach encourages participants to reflect on and draw from their individual experience, and to share and learn from each other.