We provide anti-bias, diversity and inclusion training to promote diversity and challenge all forms of prejudice


We value the feedback we receive from participants at all training sessions. Read what people have to say about PDT training and its impact on their lives and work:

quote leftThis is a completely non-threatening way to talk about equality issues – the Dolls make it easy to open up. The approach is creative, stimulating and fun.quote right Primary school teacher

quote leftIt was amazing how everyone worked with the Dolls, even the men!quote right Female teacher

quote leftWe are so stressed at school but we fought to come to this workshop. The Dolls de-stress and energise us.quote right Teacher

quote leftAnother thing I have learnt about is gender, issues of gender, homosexual and heterosexual. I didn’t know anything about this.quote right Teacher

quote leftThe Dolls helped me to identify with other people’s experiences.quote right ECD practitioner

quote leftSome shy children have started to speak up and they keep asking when the Doll will visit again.quote right Teacher

quote leftDolls help me to plan and give the true information and relate to young people more and more.quote right Secondary school teacher

quote leftThe Persona Dolls can be used to dig the hidden information from the child. These Dolls also help to pull out the strengths that a child have.quote right ECD practitioner

quote leftBefore I used to think Dolls were useless things but now I know and I feel that they are carrying power to influence.quote right Teacher

quote leftThe children listen in a different way now, they are so involved and curious.quote right Teacher